Intelligent cashflow management software

AI-powered cashflow forecasting in real time


Fluidly provides intuitive cashflow forecasting and management powered by AI. Fluidly is for modern businesses that want to know exactly what their financial future holds and how to optimise it.

Predict the future
intelligent Cashflow forecasting

Predict the future

See your financial future with real-time cashflow forecasting.

Fluidly combines artificial intelligence with financial modelling to produce a forecast that’s always up to date.

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Maximise opportunities

Personalised financial recommendations

Fluidly goes beyond answering ‘What?’ has happened, and moves onto the more complex questions of ‘So what?’ and ‘Now what?’.

With dynamic insights, accountants and business owners can take advantage of personalised financial recommendations and identify what to do next.

Highlight threats
financial clarity

The gateway to financial decision-making

Good cashflow management and forecasting is important in order to make effective financial decisions.

Whether it’s hiring a new team member, investing in new equipment or simply paying a bill, Fluidly gives a clear picture of your cash position so you always know where you stand.

Fluidly for accountants & bookkeepers

“We looked across the UK, US and Europe for cashflow solutions and Fluidly was by far the best – the combination of artificial and human intelligence enhances our relationship with clients.”

Margaret Laidlaw, Mazars

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Fluidly for small businesses

“As an SME we are always juggling the needs of the business with limited resources. I feel more comfortable that nothing will go unnoticed since we started using Fluidly, confident in the knowledge that it will alert me to any issues with the companies finances.”

Daniel Jarrett, Born Social


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See your financial future in minutes.

Integrate directly with Xero

Integrate directly with QuickBooks and Xero.

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All your data kept securely in one place





See the future. Get the next generation of predictive technology.

See the future.
Get the next generation of predictive technology.

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