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“We believe that the Fluidly team is building a cashflow forecasting product that will change the world.”

Steven Kühn, Head of Software Solutions,

Fluidly is modern, intuitive cashflow forecasting and management software powered by AI. We use accounting data to forecast and optimise business finances automatically in minutes, across your whole client base. Get started in minutes.

“An excellent tool – feels like a natural part of the business rather than software that has been bolted on.”

Stephen Paul, Valued Group

“Fluidly enables an up-sell of more enhanced advisory services, by offering a more detailed forecast and continued real-time monitoring.”

Jonathan Bareham, Director & Co-founder, Raedan

“Our accountants are armed with valuable insight without spending hours configuring or creating reports.”

Steven Kühn, Baldwins

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Produce cashflow forecasts in minutes, not days

Our favourite thing about our AI-powered cashflow forecast – it’s speedy and scalable. Automagically produce a baseline cashflow forecast for all of your clients.

Fluidly gives detailed cashflow forecasts ready to share with your clients and start an advisory conversation.

No time modelling in spreadsheets, no lengthy set-up. Just intuitive, instant forecasting that’s always up to date.

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Identify what to do next

Fluidly goes beyond answering ‘What?’ has happened, and moves onto the more complex questions of ‘So what?’ and ‘Now what?’.

With dynamic insights, accountants can take advantage of personalised financial recommendations and identify what to do next.

Credit control invoice status

Monitor all your clients in one place

It doesn’t matter which underlying accounting system your clients use; Fluidly allows you to monitor them all in one place, so you can easily spot issues and pre-empt advisory opportunities.

Future-proof your practice by combining the power of automation, cloud accounting and AI.

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Accountant & Bookkeeper FAQs

How does fluidly work with my accounting software?

Your accounting software gives a record of the past, Fluidly is for the financial future. Fluidly uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to help to analyse and learn from historic cash movements to highlight threats and maximise opportunities. We pass all this great knowledge onto you to help you build valuable relationships with your clients!


Which accounting software packages do you integrate with?

We currently work with Xero and QuickBooks Online.


How can I use Fluidly alongside my clients?

Accountants use Fluidly in a number of different ways with their own clients, ranging from self-serve, outsourced and collaborative pricing models.

Self-serve: The client is set up for a flat fee, manages Fluidly independently and is charged the price of subscription each month.

Outsourced: The accountant manages Fluidly and provides periodic updates to the client. These sessions are charged by the hour and are usually monthly, but may also be quarterly.

Collaborative: The recommended approach, which allows practices to add real value, showcase advisory skills and drive retention. In this instance, the accountancy charges for periodic updates and the monthly cost of subscription.

Our awards and nominations:

Nesta Open Up Challenge Finalists 2018

Shortlisted for Forecasting, Planning & Analysis app of the year 2018

Shortlisted for Innovation of the year 2018

Fintech50 Hot10 2018

Emerging App Partner of the Year Winner

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