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The Secret Accountant: Struggling with change, pricing and the appeal of free swag

Our Secret Accountant is back with a bang. 

After claiming (rather boldly) that accountants are hypocrites in the first column, this week there’s everything from book and TV recommendations to the ReceiptBank/Dext rebrand and a not-so-subtle call for interesting accountant swag.

Read on for our prolific accountant’s latest musings…

In Sherlock Holmes style I’m going to see if you can follow the breadcrumbs to work out my identity. All you need to do is just look at the first letter of every other sentence (you’ll need to know where to start though) and all will become clear.

So we’re two months into the year already and who would’ve thought accounting life would be more exciting than real life right now. These days the most excitement I get is that daily trip to Morrisons #RockNRoll.

Like most, I can’t wait for even a whiff of normality, although I can’t decide if I’m more looking forward to seeing my parents after months or having that first drink in a pub!

Time for a breather

Anyhow, it’s post-tax season and now’s the time when most accountants can catch a breath, say they’ll work on the business rather than in it and finally get time to look at that new app or software.

It’s also when everyone makes promises that they won’t let clients file returns at the last minute next time round and that 2021 will be different. 

On that note, I’m sceptical.

The sad reality is that most practices won’t find next year’s last minute tax rush any different, because change is hard, and nobody really likes change. 

I even struggle with it, unless it suits my agenda, but don’t tell anyone that. And especially don’t mention it to the 249 bookkeepers and counting that loved Sage desktop that are now after my head. 

A must-read when it comes to pricing

This month saw the release of the revised Selling to Serve by the legend that is James Ashford. 

If you’ve not already picked up a copy I’d defo recommend a read. The guys knows his shizzle when it comes to pricing. 

I don’t know how anyone persuaded him to put his face on the cover of the new book, the guy is so shy, introverted and doesn’t crave the limelight at all (SAID NO ONE EVER). 

Just a joke James I love you really, please don’t take GoProposal away from me. 

One thing is for sure, if I ever release a book I won’t be putting my face on it, mine is definitely more a face for radio, as they say.

What in a name? 

This month also saw the rebranding of Receipt Bank and Xavier to Dext Prepare and Dext Precision.  

I’m glad they changed the Xavier name to be honest, there were just too many ways to pronounce it, and even the founders couldn’t agree! 

So what do we all think of Dext as a name? There certainly seemed to be some strong opinions online. And I wonder how many thousands of pounds that cost to come up with (we’re all clearly in the wrong profession! I’d have loved to work in marketing). 

At least it’s better than Futrli as a name, no one ever pronounces that one right the first time. And why do all the cashflow apps start with the letter F? 

You know there’s Fluidly, Futrli and that one that rhymes with Goat 🙂 

My Fluidly masters tell me I’m not allowed to talk about other cashflow apps, I guess that makes it a bit like the first rule of fight club. But does that make me Brad Pitt or Edward Norton? 

Time for some original swag

Most importantly, for me anyway, the rebrand will hopefully mean a shed load more swag and us cloud accountants can’t get enough swag. I mean it’s FREE and that’s got to appeal to the number cruncher inside us all. 

It would be nice to get something other than a T-shirt too. Receipt Bank, I mean Dext, has done some pretty cool swag in the past. The fidget spinners were a particular favourite. 

Who knows what swag will be Dext! (That was a crappy pun, sorry I just couldn’t resist). 

Uninspiring social media

We have, of course, also had Pancake day recently, so clue a load of boring social media posts from accountants with pics of pancakes. Yawn. 

We also had Valentine’s Day – accountants were a bit quieter on this front, although we did get some cheesy love for Xero which is a bit obvious. 

Although maybe I’m just a jealous lover type and want Xero’s love all to myself (as I write that I think I have finally cracked up now). One day I’m sure Xero will take human form – a bit like Vision did in the Avengers, which leads me nicely into the next tedious link. 

If you’re looking for a new TV series to binge I’d recommend WandaVision (with said avenger Vision in it). The story of someone trapping a town in a make believe realm where everything is rosy and shielded from the rest of the world. Oh to be trapped there right now! 

Finally, here’s a clue as to my identity, if it will help you all “stop moaning”, I’m not Bill Michael :). 

P.s if you believed that breadcrumb thing about my identity, you’re a fool.

Gotcha goooood. I probably should’ve saved that one for April’s edition, looks like I’ve peaked too soon. 

Ta ta for now! 

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