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AI-powered cashflow forecasting software

Whether you’re a small business or an accountant, our cashflow forecast that’s produced in minutes gives you a powerful look into the financial future.

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“Fluidly is set to transform how businesses manage their accounting and cashflow.”

Alex Price,
93 Digital

Fluidly’s real-time cashflow forecasting software connects to your accounting software and uses the data in it to automatically build a detailed baseline cashflow forecast. No more modelling or stress – our artificial intelligence loves to crunch the numbers and predict the future. Peace of mind and confident business planning in minutes.

“Having the extra level of confidence in our cashflow that Fluidly provides has been great.”

Lauren Murphy, Adludio

“Fluidly enables an up-sell of more enhanced advisory services, by offering a more detailed forecast and continued real-time monitoring.”

Jonathan Bareham, Director & Co-founder, Raedan

“Fluidly is one of the true disruptors of the Fintech industry, so we’re really excited about working together.”

Gary Turner, Xero

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Save time on cashflow forecasting

Gone are the days when you need to spend hours modelling a cashflow forecast in a spreadsheet.

Fluidly’s powerful cashflow software combines your financial data with artificial intelligence to instantly produce an up to date forecast, just like magic.

There’s no lengthy training required, just plug in your cloud accounting software and off you go.

Make smarter financial decisions about cashflow forecasting

Fluidly is your crystal ball, offering a clear look into the financial future.

It’s hard enough making financial decisions, let alone wasting time updating spreadsheets to do so.

Our cashflow forecasting software does the data crunching for you and simply presents you with the information you need to make the right calls.

Drill into the detail or see the bigger picture

You can view your cashflow forecast on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so there are no nasty surprises.

Our forecasts are built line by line reflecting the transactions in your accounts so you can easily see exactly what is happening and monitor the cashflow in and out of your business.

Fluidly is by your side, keeping track of your cashflow and alerting you to any potential problems. With Fluidly’s cashflow forecasting software you’ll always get the heads up early.

Plan for different scenarios

Our new Goal Planner tool has been specifically adapted by Fluidly in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

New features allow you to model a range of scenarios such as reductions in revenue or costs or the impact of taking on a business loan.

The pre-configured plans factor in all considerations, including hidden expenses, so you can be sure your models are accurate before making a decision.

You’re only five minutes away from a cashflow forecast that will change your life:

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Cashflow forecasting FAQs

How exactly do you build the cashflow forecast?

We’re so glad you asked! Fluidly looks at patterns in your historic transactions to see how they have affected your cashflow and use these to predict the future.

From figuring out when you do payroll or pay the rent to predicting when your customers will pay your invoices based on their trading history, Fluidly forecasts the transaction and what it means for the bank balance.


What are the advantages of cloud-based cashflow forecasting software?

Cloud-based accounting software is intuitive, time saving, cost-effective, secure, real-time… we could go on. In short, we think it’s the bees knees! We love that cashflow forecasting in the cloud gives a forecast that is always up to date. This means you have real-time data about your cash position at your fingertips whenever you need it.


which accounting software packages do you provide cashflow forecasting for?

We currently work with Xero and QuickBooks Online to provide the simplest cashflow forecasting in town.


who is cashflow forecasting for?

Fluidly’s cashflow forecasting software is for anyone who’s suffering cashflow pain – whether that’s because of high working capital, debt in the business, invoice financing, high growth or any number of other reasons. If you’re ready for an intuitive, pain-free cashflow solution then Fluidly is right for you.


How regularly does Fluidly sync with my accounting software?

When you first sign up with Fluidly, we do an initial sync of your data. This should only take a minute, but if you have a very large number of transactions the first import can take a few hours. Connect it up and we’ll email you when it’s ready.

Once this is done, Fluidly will connect with your accounting software every hour. If you want to update your cashflow forecast in real-time, no problem! You can manually sync Fluidly with your accounting software at any time.


What if i know about an invoice that isn’t in my accounting package?

Machines can do a lot of stuff, but they can’t predict things that have never happened before! In an ideal world, every single financial transaction would be neatly recorded in your cloud accounting software, but we know that life isn’t always like that.

If you know something that the machines don’t, you can make manual adjustments to the forecast. The algorithm will take this into account and adjust the forecast accordingly.


How can I be sure my data is secure?

We take data protection extremely seriously here at Fluidly. We use the latest technology to ensure partner and client data remains secure. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit and is stored within the EEA.

Our processes and systems are also GDPR compliant.

Fluidly is ISO 27001 certified and is FCA regulated under PSD2. Our FCA registration number is 791669. What’s more, here’s a copy of our Privacy Policy.


Our awards and nominations

Our cashflow forecasting software is award-winning.

Nesta Open Up Challenge Finalists 2018

Shortlisted for Forecasting, Planning & Analysis app of the year 2018

Shortlisted for Innovation of the year 2018

Fintech50 Hot10 2018

Some of our accounting partners

We are trusted by accounting firms big and small to provide their cashflow forecasting software.