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Effective credit control

Understanding cashflow through automated forecasting can help manage the cash coming into a business

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“As an SME we are always juggling the needs of business with limited resources. I feel more comfortable that nothing will go unnoticed since we started using Fluidly.”

Daniel Jarrett,
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Credit control automated reminders

Effective credit control is key for managing business finance

Late payments can seriously affect the cashflow of an otherwise healthy business. Understanding the future cash position of a business day-to-day can help business owners plan what’s coming up in the financial future and show where to focus credit control efforts.

Credit control invoice status

A real-time forecast shows areas of cashflow weakness

Chasing invoices is time-consuming and may not always prove fruitful. Fluidly shows you a live view of where the most urgent debt in the business is.

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Chase invoices intelligently

We’re busy building an intelligent credit control tool that will help businesses get paid faster.

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More little wows

Automated statements

Monthly statements that send themselves automagically

Call scheduling

Never again forget to call a late payer

Automated reminders

They also let you know when your debtor has opened them!

Human logic

Fluidly doesn’t chase promised debt and groups invoices intelligently – just like you would

Prioritised action list

Instantly see where you should concentrate your effort

Improve your performance

Report with collections performance so you can track your payment days improving

Credit control FAQs

how can a cashflow forecast help my credit control?

An up-to-date, direct cashflow forecast can show you exactly which cash is coming in and out of the business. Fluidly provides a transaction level view of cashflow so it’s easy to see at a glance the big payments that are affecting cashflow. Fluidly allows you to focus your efforts on chasing the payments that really matter.

How can i encourage early payments?

Getting debtors to pay early is a tricky job indeed, and we think the best way is to be so on it with your collections process that people can’t forget about you!

Fluidly can tell you which debtors might need a bit of an extra push by showing you the most overdue payments in the business.

how do I ask late payers to pay their invoices?

It can be difficult as a business to find the words to chase late payments effectively.

We’ve produced free overdue payment reminder templates that are super simple to download and use. Check them out here.


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