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Save hours every month chasing late payments with Fluidly’s intelligent credit control software.

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“Automating previously manual tasks such as routine reminder emails to clients has allowed me to focus on tougher debt and improve our collections process.”

Manny Abas,

How good would it feel to never have to chase another invoice? There’s never enough time to do all the things you’d like to in business, but Fluidly helpfully automates the day-to-day reminders of credit control to let you focus on the customers (and debt!) that really matter.

“We have seen how the automated reminders prompt our clients to pay swiftly”

Lauren Murphy, Adludio

“I feel much more in control of my clients’ receivables and am seeing debtor days dropping.”

Kate Heaney, Adaptas

“Tracking of calls, statements and reminders in one place is what really impressed me the most along with the client-focused service.”

Stephen Paul, Valued Group

Credit control automated reminders

Save time on chasing late payments

Fluidly uses automated emails and call scheduling to fully automate your credit control process. We get your outstanding payments sorted intelligently and efficiently.

Fluidly sorts out good debtors from bad debtors and lets you set a unique collections process for each, so we’ve got all your invoices covered.

Credit control invoice status

Banish overdue invoices

Fluidly gets your invoices paid on time and gives you more cash in the bank, more quickly. Your overdue payments won’t be overdue for much longer.

Our actions list is generated automatically and ordered by priority so you know exactly who to get in touch with first.

Keep better records

Fluidly shows you a complete record of when invoices are due and when they are likely to be paid based on historic data.

Things change all the time in business; contacts, invoices, teams. Fluidly keeps everything in one place so you always have a record of what’s happened and an up-to-date view of your debtor status.

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More little wows

Automated statements

Monthly statements that send themselves automagically

Call scheduling

Never again forget to call a late payer

Automated reminders

They also let you know when your debtor has opened them!

Human logic

Fluidly doesn’t chase promised debt and groups invoices intelligently – just like you would

Prioritised action list

Instantly see where you should concentrate your effort

Improve your performance

Report with collections performance so you can track your payment days improving

Credit control FAQs

Can i personalise the reminder emails that fluidly sends?

Of course! We provide default copy that you can use as inspiration, but you can change the copy on the reminder emails so that it says whatever you’d like it to.

how Can i set credit limits for debtors?

It’s easy to set credit limits for individual debtors so you can minimise your risk of bad debt. Fluidly will alert you when a debtor is nearing their credit limit.

how can i use fluidly to keep a record of all my collections activity?

The Fluidly credit control software automatically keeps a track of the emails that it sends out for each debtor, as well as the calls it has scheduled. You can enrich this data by adding notes to each debtors file, and this can all be exported in a report if you need to share it.

How can i encourage early payments?

Getting debtors to pay early is a tricky job indeed, and we think the best way is to be so on it with your collections process that people can’t forget about you!

That’s why you can set up different communications schedules for different clients with Fluidly.

Read more about how to encourage early payments from your clients.

who is fluidly credit control software for?

Fluidly’s automated credit control works a treat for any small business (or their accountant) who already uses accounting software to manage invoices. Businesses raising more than 20 invoices a month usually need a professional solution around credit control.

How can I be sure my data is secure?

We take data protection extremely seriously here at Fluidly. We use the latest technology to ensure partner and client data remains secure. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit and is stored within the EEA.

Our processes and systems are also GDPR compliant.

Fluidly is ISO 27001 certified and is FCA regulated under PSD2. Our FCA registration number is 791669. What’s more, here’s a copy of our Privacy Policy.


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