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The only cashflow forecast generated by Artificial Intelligence. Use Fluidly to offer cashflow advisory at scale and help all your clients sleep better at night.

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“Fluidly is one of the true disruptors of the Fintech industry, so we’re really excited about working together.”

Gary Turner, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Xero

Why is cashflow forecasting so important?

The results of the Xero study were very telling: in 2018 only 52% of businesses in the UK were cash positive. Small business owners cite cashflow as one of the biggest reasons why they can’t sleep at night and of small business failure, over 80% is due to cashflow problems.

It’s a big opportunity for accountants to use their expertise to help clients.

But at the moment, producing a cashflow forecast is typically time-consuming task. Maybe you use an Excel spreadsheet, which is long-winded and prone to human errors (sorry but it’s true!). Maybe you produce 3 or 5 year plans for your clients… but they never actually go to plan.

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How can Fluidly help?

Fluidly uses Artificial Intelligence to do the heavy lifting, so the cashflow forecast is produced in minutes and it’s always up to date when you need it.

This transforms cashflow advisory from an expensive, manual task that not all your clients can afford to something you can offer to your whole client base as standard.

What’s more, Fluidly allows you to continuously monitor the cash position of all your clients. Fluidly provides insights about who might be able to use a helping hand, supercharging your advisory powers.

Offer the right services to the right clients at the right time.

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Why Fluidly and Xero?

The integration between Fluidly and Xero is seamless, and data is synced every two hours.

Xero acts as a system of record, and Fluidly acts as a system of intelligence that sits over the top of your clients’ finances and provides you with early warning of any risk, and helps you to maximise opportunities.

Unlock your advisory superpowers with Fluidly and Xero.

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