Tailored business funding

In the current climate, we understand that having cash in the bank is more important than ever.

Our easy process means you’re only 30 seconds away from tailored, pre-qualified, funding options for your business.

There’s no obligation to proceed, just follow these simple steps and we’ll do the hard work for you.

  • Tell us your company name (in the box)
  • We pull up your business details (using your public company profile)
  • We collate estimated accounts for the last year
  • We source you relevant funding offers
  • You can then talk to a specialist about how to proceed

Find out more about the ways we are working with accountants to deliver funding by emailing info@fluidly.com.

Coronavirus Support

We understand that your business will need support now more than ever, both with understanding cashflow and with access to finance.

We have a dedicated Covid-19 hub with useful content and resources, including all the latest info on the government’s Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme.

We are also working with a number of CBILS lenders to get you the finance you need. You can talk to one of our funding specialists on 020 3510 8130 or simply enter your company name here to get tailored funding offers for your business.

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A range of products to suit every business

Whatever you need cash for, we’ll have the right funding product for you.

We’ve summarised the different product types below or read our in-depth guide on the different types of business finance here.

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Draw down money with credit when you need it

Best for: Managing cashflow, purchasing stock, hiring staff

Business credit card (like a personal credit card, you’ll pay interest if the card isn’t cleared each month)

Revolving credit (like an overdraft, get funds as and when you need them and only pay for what you use)

A lump injection of cash with fixed repayments

Best for: Growth and expansion, buying assets

– Business loan (like a personal loan, you’ll get a lump sum that needs to be paid back over a fixed period, plus interest)

Turn your invoices, card sales or assets into money

Best for: Cashflow shortfalls and purchasing stock

Invoice finance (don’t wait to get paid, borrow money against invoices you have outstanding, for a fee)

Business cash advance (borrow money against future card transactions and pay it back when you make sales, plus a fee)

Asset finance (raise money against your existing assets, make regular payments plus interest)

Let us take away the stress

Getting funding is historically a long and complicated pain point for business owners. Well, not anymore. You can stop wasting hours trawling different options now and let us search the market for tailored options for you.

Fluidly funding is:

✔ Quick and easy

Range of options in seconds and a decision in just two working days.


✔ Range of lenders

A mix of traditional and alternative lenders for all types of businesses

✔ No lengthy forms

Enter your company name and we’ll find tailored quotes for you.


✔ Dedicated funding specialists

Talk to an exert whenever you need.

✔ Finances managed in one place

From cashflow to chasing invoices to getting funding.


✔ Tailored quotes free of charge

We provide a range of funding options with no fee from us.

You’re only a few seconds away from tailored funding options for your business.

Let us help you find the right funding in just a few simple steps.

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Funding FAQs

How exactly do you create my offers?

We use public information from Companies House and match that with our lending partners criteria and their underwriting to compile personalised, prequalified lending offers for you.

Once offers are accepted, they will be subject to further checks and full underwriting and satisfactory searches.

Who is Fluidly funding for?

Any business within the UK with some trading history to show affordability. We are also working with accountants to offer funding to their clients.

How do I apply for funding?

Simply enter your company details here, and we’ll compile a range of personalised offers for you. One of our dedicated funding specialists will then give you a call, or you can call us directly to discuss making an application on 020 3510 8130.

How quickly can funds be in my account?

From proposal (once we have your full financial information), an underwriting review could take up to 48 hours. Once paperwork is completed and signed and final checks are complete, funds can then be released within 24 hours. In total, funds could be in your account within as little as five working days.

Can I have more than one funding product?

In short, yes. But you will need to bear in mind that the more products you have, the more monthly outgoings you will also have – so a lender will want to ensure that it is affordable to add more debt.

Our funding specialists can talk through what options may be available to you.

Are you FCA regulated?

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Credit Broker under the firm reference number 844093.

Are there any fees?

Fluidly doesn’t charge the customer any fees to create funding offers. However, once you draw down funds, some lenders do charge a fee, for which we’ll receive a remuneration.

Will searching for offers affect my credit score?

Right now, the information we have to create your offers won’t affect your credit score as no credit search has been carried out and won’t be without your permission.

Once we get to an underwriter for review, they will need to carry out a soft search (which won’t impact on your credit score) although some lenders do run hard searches – which would potentially impact your credit rating.

Do you work with accountants to offer funding to small businesses?

Yes, to find out more details please email info@fluidly.com.

Are you working with CBILS lenders?

We are working with lenders who offer the CBILS and are currently adding more CBILS options to our panel. Several of our existing lenders are also hoping to be added to the scheme in the coming weeks as it expands.

We’ve partnered with some of the best lenders, including…

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