Scenario planning tool

Being able to adapt in business is crucial, but before you make a change, it’s important to understand the implications.

Fluidly’s new Goal Planner feature allows you to view your current financial position and then model the impact of different scenarios on your cashflow.

Whether you need to look at adjusting your costs or a hiring plan, our easy-to-use tool will get you quick and accurate predictions today.

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Fluidly’s Goal Planner is simple to use and lets business owners and accountants model how a range of scenarios will affect business costs or revenue.

“Goal Planner ticks all the boxes as a scenario planning tool I’m confident to share with my clients. The feature guides clients through planning, automatically picking up certain costs with intuitive adjustments.”

Seth Proctor, Reconynge

“It has given us factual intelligence going forwards that the business will survive, and if sales carry on, come through stronger which is obviously a big load off of our minds.”

Gordon Willford, BRF Motorcycles

Goal Planner plans

Save time with pre-configured plans

Our Goal Planner feature sits on top of our existing automated cashflow forecasts to help businesses plan for ‘what if’ scenarios, and for accountants to assist their clients with different modelling options.

For each scenario, we’ve selected a range of options that cover all the elements you are likely to consider. These include pre-configured sliders to adjust specific values and auto calculations on tricky costs.

Goal planner account line

Keep your business above water

Unfortunately, due to the current climate a lot of businesses will be looking at a reduction in revenue.

Goal Planner makes modelling for the effects of a revenue change in Fluidly incredibly easy. Fluidly picks up your forecasted revenue, so you just need to adjust sliders up and down to see how your future cash position is affected.

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Goal planner loan

Model the impact of government support

Assessing your costs on a regular basis is good business practice. And right now, reducing costs may be essential.

If you’re able to take advantage of the government’s support measures, such as deferred VAT payments or applying for funding through the CBILS scheme, Goal Planner can show you instantly how it will affect your cashflow.

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Start planning to help you make smart decisions for your business right now.

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Or see how Goal Planner works here:

Goal Planner FAQs

How does the Goal Planner tool work?

Goal Planner allows you to create plans based on your cashflow forecast, in order to map out multiple scenarios for your business. We take your forecast as the base and guide you through elements to consider making adjustments or additions to, using simple sliders to increase or decrease values.

View your plan develop on our graph and compare this to your current cashflow and any other scenarios.

What’s the advantage of scenario planning?

Scenario planning allows you to make plans for your business without affecting your cashflow forecast. You can play with different variations of a plan and see which has the best outcome before going ahead and committing cash to it – allowing you to make the right decisions with full context of the possible outcomes.

Which accounting packages does Goal Planner sync with?

We currently work with Xero and QuickBooks Online.

How do I know when the right time to make a plan is?

Because the planning feature doesn’t affect your cashflow forecast, you can make a plan whenever you’re curious of the outcome of a decision.

We have pre-defined plans for hiring, growth and recovery, so if you are thinking about starting a new team, opening in a new location or modelling the effects of a loss in revenue, you can do this with Goal Planner any time.

How does the plan relate to the base forecast Fluidly has predicted for me?

Goal Planner mirrors the data from your base forecast so that you can easily build on top of this. This also allows you to see your plan visualised next to your current cashflow and view  the difference.

Do I need to know exact figures about my potential plan and my forecast to use Goal Planner?

No, you don’t. Fluidly will automatically pull through data from your base forecast which you can build upon. The feature will also guide you through logical amounts to add in for each slider option. If you don’t know the exact value of a purchase, for example, use a % change to add in a good estimate.