Our cloud accounting software integration partners

We connect with leading accounting software packages Xero and Quickbooks Online. Fluidly uses the financial data in your accounting software to automate cashflow forecasting, provide actionable insights and prioritise debt.

Xero users are saving up to 40 hours per month with Fluidly’s Intelligent Cashflow forecasting. Connect in minutes and get going straight away. No training required.

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We’re pleased to be able to offer automated cashflow forecasting to the 3.2 million global users of QuickBooks Online. Freelancer? Small business? Accountant? Connect your account now.

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“Fluidly is one of the true disruptors of the Fintech industry, so we’re really excited about working together.”

Gary Turner, Co-founder and Managing Director

How do I connect my accounting software?

It’s easy – click on the sign up button and fill out your details. We’ll need some information like your email address and your company’s name so that we can set things up properly.

Once you’ve filled in your information, we’ll redirect to your accounting software. You can link up your account with Fluidly in just takes a few minutes and then you’ll be ready to go!

How does Fluidly stay up to date with my accounting package?

Fluidly syncs with your cloud accounting software every hour, so it’s always up to date.

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Why does Fluidly need access to my cloud accounting software to manage my cashflow?

Fluidly combines the data in your cloud accounting package with artificial intelligence to produce an up-to-date cashflow forecast.

Our models use machine learning and they certainly do love data, so the more financial transactions we give them to learn from, the more accurate the forecast.

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