QuickBooks & Fluidly

We’ve joined forces with QuickBooks to provide time-saving, intelligent credit control.

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“Using Fluidly saves me around 40 hours a month.”

Manny Abas, Triptease

“It has taken a weight off my mind.”

Lauren Murphy, Adludio

“Love the dashboards…You are onto a winner.”

Paul Miller, Cornish Accounting Solutions

Credit control invoice status

Combine the power of QuickBooks and Fluidly for automated credit control.

Fluidly connects up to your QuickBooks account to provide intelligent credit control. Manage your debtors automatically and save time chasing overdue invoices.

Automatically send email reminders to chase payments, schedule calls to debtors and keep a complete record of all debtor communications in one place.

Seamlessly integrate Fluidly & QuickBooks

QuickBooks keeps a powerful record of the past. Fluidly works with QuickBooks to provide a view into the financial future.

Once the initial sync has happened, Fluidly syncs with QuickBooks hourly to make sure that you’re always up to date.

coming soon!

QuickBooks cashflow forecasting

We’re working on building our automagical cashflow forecasting for QuickBooks.

We’ll combine Artificial Intelligence with financial modelling to produce a real-time cashflow forecast that takes minutes (not days) to create.

Credit control invoice status

QuickBooks & Fluidly for accountants

Get a powerful view of the financial health of all your clients at once. The Fluidly portfolio view allows you to monitor your whole client base at a glance.

See who needs your help, who has an untapped opportunity and who could benefit most from advisory services. You can use the information in portfolio view to keep an eye on things so your clients can sleep easier in the knowledge that you’ll always have their back.

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