Setting up Xero

Connecting your Xero account to Fluidly couldn’t be easier. Follow these simple steps to get setup in a matter of minutes.

Get started


Xero Connected App

1. You will receive an email from Fluidly, asking you to follow a link to get yourself set up.

2. Clicking through, you will be greeted with a screen asking you to set a password.

3. Once completed, you will be invited to connect your Xero.

4. Having clicked the ‘Connect to Xero’ button, you will be taken to a Xero screen asking permission to access your Xero data. Click ‘Allow access’ to proceed. Please click the following links should you wish to find details of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

5. You will now need to provide your Xero login credentials to begin the sync.

6. Doing so will take you back to Fluidly, whereby we will now import your Xero data. Depending on the size of your ledger, the time taken to complete this process – we recommend that you go and make a cup of tea and let us take care of the rest.

7. Once completed, you will land on the Fluidly Overview page whereby you can now begin to explore that Fluidly has to offer.


You can find a whole host of other information to help you navigate your way around the product, and to make the most of Fluidly, in our Help Centre.

You can also contact or call on +44 207 611 1001 with any questions or issues not covered here – we’re always on hand to help so please don’t be shy.